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Wikipedia's Gwen Gale - Heidi Wyss - EXPOSED!

This story is a work in progress. It is not yet finished and will be updated regularly. Check back for updates.

Gwen Gale: Real Name - Heidi Wyss
Pic from (Hivemind)

Introduction (In Brief):
A partial list of usernames, socks, and IPs used by Heidi Wyss - (Many explained in detail below)
Gwen Gale - Wyss - The Witch - - - - - - -
Wyss Block Log - Gwen Gale Block Log.

One thing interesting about all these IPs? They all resolve to the SAME AREA, within about 50 miles! Most of them are within a few miles of each other! See the individual socks below.

Heidi Wyss, currently known on Wikipedia as Gwen Gale, is among the worst of Wikipedia Administrators. This blog will document the severe abuse of Wikipedia policy that has been consistent in the history of Heidi Wyss, since she found Wikipedia and became obsessed with it. Heidi has changed usernames, abused several socks and many IPs, to further her delusional "fame" as an author and push her feminist agenda. She has stormed off and attacked Jimbo Wales, edit warred many times, and violated many other Wikipedia rules. She was recently outed for writing, not one, but two articles on herself! The best part??? She is being defended and still has admin status!!!!

It is time Gwen Gale is held responsible for her many, many violations of Wikipedia policy and permanently banned from editing. This blog will reveal a disturbing look at Heidi Wyss, the Wikipedian that hides behind the name Gwen Gale.

Let's start here:

Gwen Gale is Heidi Wyss:

Gwen's old user name was Wyss, an interesting coincidence, wouldn't you say? If you search for a Wiki name of Wyss, it will redirect to Gwen Gale. When Gwen Gale was user Wyss, she used a sock puppet of Gwen Gale. She was outed and blocked for this.

Heidi Wyss has been blocked TEN times since joining Wikipedia.

She had SEVEN blocks under the username Wyss - See the Wyss Block Log - and THREE blocks under the name Gwen Gale - See Gwen's Block Log. She has been blocked for personal attacks, impersonation(?), multiple incidents of edit warring, breaching an Arbcom ban, and other offenses.

Wyss appears to have violated the Arbcom ban issued in December 2005, where she was blocked from editing articles on sexuality. She was placed on indefinite probation, then created the sock The Witch, which edited an article on lesiban sex on Dec. 18th 2005. Heidi also violated the arbcom ruling in January, 2006, editing an article on lesbian science fiction. She added a link to herself, by the way, that time... She again violated the Arbcom ruling
Linkby editing this article, removing a disputed tag from the section on sexuality. Here is another instance.

Wikipedia editors speak up about Heidi's abuse:
Wyss has been in constant violation of the Arbitration Committee topical ban, through the use of an undeclared sockpuppet, and the behavior that led to her original case and ban, edit warring, incivility, and assumptions of bad faith, has continued for months now, as evidenced by this thread, as well as the previous blocks and discussions related to them. I propose that we take the current week-long block to consider that she be banned from editing indefinitely. Actually, she was placed on probation by the Arbitration Committee, which allowed for her to be banned with the agreement of three administrators ("If in the opinion of any three administrators, for good cause, she is responsible for disrupting the functioning of Wikipedia, restrictions may be placed on her editing, up to and including a general ban of one year.") I don't think it is unreasonable to consider the year that that expired after to be reset due to the sockpuppetry, and to go by those guidelines. Dmcdevit·t 21:48, 21 May 2007 (UTC)

I support Dmcdevit's summary. I'd be willing to be one of those 3. ⇒ SWATJester Denny Crane. 21:59, 21 May 2007
Gwen has blocked hundreds and hundreds of people in just October and November 2008. She throws around her admin power with reckless abandon, while at the same time breaking Wikipedia rules, with a smug sense of protection. Other editors rally to defend her, by banning users who question her and reverting any question of Gwen's actions.

All of Gwen's socks and IPs have many articles in common. Look them over and see articles such as Eva Braun, Hitler, other Nazi names, Amelia Earhart, lesbian stuff, Joshua Gadner, Nukumaroo, etc. Look for yourself. I made it easy. Here are the revision histories of some of Heidi Wyss' usernames and socks (not counting single use socks, listed later):

Interesting, huh?

Gwen admits to using the sock, The Witch. See the contributions of The Witch. Here it is stated by Wyss that she used the sock The Witch. You will see this sock and the user name Gwen Gale were involved with the
Josh Gardner article. This article caused some trouble for Gwen. Here, Gwen again admits using the sock The Witch. She says personal information was being posted on Wikipedia by another and she was concerned about being outed.

She was
not very concerned about her personal information when she wrote articles on herself and linked to them multiple times.

Gwen Gale made her identity as Heidi Wyss public, when she began two articles on herself. One was on the self-proclaimed "swiss author" Heidi Wyss and the other on a non-notable trashy ebook she wrote called Gormglaith. Now, these two articles would have normally been smashed by Gwen Gale, if they were written by anyone else. The "notable swiss author" Heidi Wyss seems to have never been published, never made a dime from her "career" as a "swiss author" and never been recognized by any legitimate source. Still Gwen Gale thought these articles were just fine for Wikipedia. After all, they were about her! Never mind conflict of interest. Never mind original reseach, or any other Wikipedia rule. She makes exceptions for herself. Heaven help you if you question her.

When she nominated herself for Arbcom in late 2008, these articles and her COI and NPOV came to light and both articles were put up for deletion and deleted.

See these links to the articles of deletion pages here. See screenshots of the revision histories here and here, proving Gwen gale wrote them about herself. The revision history of these articles is now gone, since thees pages were deleted. Thus, the author of these articles would never be known, if not for screenshots of the histories. I captured screenshots to prove Gwen wrote these articles about herself. The articles were created on January 19, 2007 and Wyss redirected her name and changed it to Gwen Gale on 11/23/06. She couldn't create the articles under her Wyss username, that would be too obvious.

Gwen Gale edited the Gormglaith articles as late as October 2008, continuing the COI and NPOV violations. Here she jokes about how her book is a big internet hit. How can you cry "privacy" concerns, Gwen, when you have plastered your name all over Wikipedia?

Looking at those screenshots of the two article's revision histories, (listed again
here and here) there are several IPs Heidi used to edit the articles. The IP histories are now gone, since the articles were deleted and the IPs made NO OTHER EDITS TO WIKIPEDIA, except to Heidi's articles. Are we to believe these random IPs, all from where Gwen lives, Switzerland, came to Wikipedia, knew the format and only made changes to the Heidi Wyss and Gormglaith articles and never returned? Please. These IPs are socks used by Gwen to further push her articles, her POV and to try to avoid detection.

These IPs are: (They are all located in the histories again linked
here and here )
Click on the history of these IPs listed below. They have none. They all just edited the Heidi Wyss articles...

These IPs - - - - resolve to the same location! Three random people, editing Heidi's articles??? These are very close. -

Again, look at the screen shots
here and here, of the now deleted histories of the two articles Gwen wrote about herself. All these IPs were editing from th same location. Where Gwen lives.

Enter them here IP Tracer and see for yourself.

No, these IPs are not Heidi Wyss. They are random people, from within a few mils of each other, coming to Wikipedia, making minor changes and additions to articles on Heidi Wyss articles and never again returning.

You have been outed Heidi, I mean Gwen...

Other IPs Heidi Wyss used to link to herself - These IPs , except 194, also made no other edits to Wikipedia - Heidi adds herself to a list of "noteworthy feminists." - Heidi Adds herself to noteworthy Lesibian Science Fiction writers - Heidi adds her e-book to Selected Works of Feminist Science Fiction. - Heidi adds herself to a list of female science fiction writers

As mentioned eariler, after nominating herself for ArbCom in late 2008 (Yes, Gwen thinks she is ArbCom material!) she was outed for her many Wikipedia violations. In the AfD, her cronies reverted any comments about Gwen writing and editing articles about herself, trying to hide this blatant violation. See this diff.

Gwen was notified on her talk page of the deletions of the two articles SHE started on herself. She refused to comment and quickly moved the thread OFF HER MAIN DISCUSSION PAGE, to her talk archives, within A FEW HOURS OF IT BEING POSTED! Any other time she would be on her high horse raising hell and defending herself. This time, knowing she is caught, she cowardly refuses to comment. Another respectful question on her talk page was quickly removed. Again, she refuses to comment.

When it was brought up to ANI that Gwen was doing this, bozos such as "Lessheard Vanu" (look at this douche) refuse to address the questions at hand. See This. Then, user Jehochman removed questions about Gwen writing these articles and, like everyone else, refuses to address the behavior of Gwen Gale. These Wikipedia clones are pathetic. See this. A day later, user CharlotteWebb deleted the entire thread. Why are these people trying to hide the truth and watching Gwen block other editors for the same thing?

Gwen was told of the problems arising from her conflict of interest here and quickly threw the discussion into her talk archives, after saying she won't bother to answer! Other editors chime in and say they have removed content.

Gwen has also refused to address this subject.

In this diff, removed by J Delanoy, a question was asked about how she trashed Jimbo Wales, trashed Wikipedia editors, and storms off to Wiki Truth to bash Wikipedia. It was a classic 3-year-old tantrum by Gwen Gale and she refused to comment on it. Gwen also removed valid questions about her actions from her own ArbCom questions page! She is supposed to answer questions, as a candidate and she is censoring the page, trying to save face!

Gwen Gale withdrew her nomination for Arbcom while this was going on. Wonder why?

Gwen outed herself first liking to a webpage about her, in August of 2006, shortly before she changed her name from Wyss to Gwen Gale and wrote the articles on herself, which proved to be her demise. She used this IP,, just another sock. She used that IP, as a sock, from June 2005 to November 2006.

When another user caught on to her self-centered agenda and outed her, she twisted this around to being "stalked" (another cry for attention) and twisted everything to smooth over the use of the sock Gwen Gale, changing her name to Gwen Gale. Somehow, it worked, for a while. Until now.

More about Gwen stomping off and leaving Wikipedia for a time:

Here is a post by user Wyss that she is leaving. This link to the internet archive documents the post, which was been deleted from Wikipedia. This was done with the dissolution of user Wyss, as it originally appeared on Wyss' user page, which now doesn't exist and redirects to Gwen Gale.
Since I believe many of the world's problems arise not only from ignorance but from the gathered behaviour of otherwise sensible folks basing their myriad daily decisions on labyrinths of mis-information, I don't want to participate in the building of a product which is widely known to wontedly distribute factually-mistaken, unbalanced and poorly-written text to millions of people. Heartfelt thanks to those who have been in touch here and by email :) Wyss 10:27, 4 December 2005
Gwen blabs a lot more about how Wikipedia sucks, how it is nothing but trolls and idiots, etc. Everyone is a second-class moron, EXCEPT WYSS! Just ask her. Another notice about her stomping off (cry for attention) - Another here.

More how she slams Jimbo Wales, ArmCom members, etc here, here, and here (Attacking Jimbo on his talk page).

Gwen's history as far as I could trace it stats with IP Same articles Gwen is still involved in, such as Amelia Earhart. An article created by this IP, Nikumaroro, is still frequently edited by Gale.
Any 3RR violations? Here, here,Link here, here, here, here, and here, just to name a few.

Incivility? Distruption? Here, here,
here, here (3rd paragraph), here, here, here, here (also read the two threads below this linked one), and here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, just to name a few.

Does someone with this kind of history deserve Wikipedia Administration status, including the power to ban users for breaking the same rules Gwen Gale breaks?

Speak up. All over Wikipedia. Get Arbcom to issue an indefinite ban on Heidi Wyss, Gwen Gale and all other personaliti
es she may possess..

Stay Tuned for updates and additional information...